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From: Anglen, Robert  
Date: Sun, Sep 28, 2014 at 9:40 AM
Subject: Story on camelback consign
To: Glenn Michaels  

Story is in today's paper. Your blog is mentioned prominently in the story. Thanks for all of your help. Here is a link:

for "Consignment Vampire" Reportage

Yes, I've been more than a little piqued with the Arizona Republic for ignoring this story over so many, many months. But reporter Robert Anglen has been working hard to make up for lost time. My sincere thanks to him and to the editors who have supported his efforts. Keep up the good work!

On June 22, 2014, on pages E1 and E5, Arizona Republic reporter Robert Anglen, reported that Mike Burns, principal of Camelback Consign & Design (aka the "Consignment Vampire") took loans on two of eight paintings previously turned over to him by ElJuana Hermansen from Biltmore Loan and Jewelry, owned by David Goldstein. 

Victims seeking to locate items of significant value may want to contact that firm at 480-991-LOAN, 7025 N. Scottsdale Road, Suite 105, Scottsdale, AZ, and make inquiries. 

The firm's Contact US page is currently located at: 

Find that Arizona Republic story, online, using this link: 

Phoenix store owner took out loan against 2 missing paintings

or by accessing:

Anglen's article also reports that one Stepanie Grisham, with the Arizona Attorney General's office, "did confirm, however, that an attorney had been assigned to the case." However, the article says that the AG's office was unwilling to provide details. This suggests that the investigation is ongoing. As a victim myself, I would appreciate it if the AG's office would confirm that my claims about the Consignment Vampire and his wolf pack are also being investigated. 

According to the article, AG office officials seemed to think that the paintings belonging to Hermansen on which Burns received loans might now, technically, belong to the pawn shop. 


Yesterday, my attorney, the excellent Phillip Visnansky of Warner, Angle Hallem Jackson & Formanek informed me that items of mine that Burns had sold - BUT FOR WHICH I DIDN'T RECEIVE PAYMENT - were still legally mine. He cited a provision of the law - which I can't recall - according to which Burns had no legal right to those items. Visnansky told me that if I could identify the whereabouts of my missing items, the law would allow me to repossess them.

Considering that I had a written contract with Burns while, according to reports, Hermansen did not, I would guess that her claims to misappropriated items might be even stronger than my own.  Please consult your own attorney for more information.

Burn Pockets $47,000 for Hermansen Paintings

Apparently, Burns received $12,000 cash as a loan from Biltmore Loan and Jewelry against two of Hermansen's paintings per the June 22nd article. He had previously told Anglen that the two paintings were in the possession of the FBI, with which he was working. In any case, per the article, he defaulted on the loan.

On June 8th, Anglen reported that art picker Joe Michaels (no relative of this blogger) and another investor gave Burns "as much as $35,000" for a piece of a deal to arrange the sale of Hermansen's paintings. They, too, were scammed by Burns.

Hello, Attorney General's office, is anyone "following the money?" I and many others would love to know how much Burns accumulated and where it is now. 

News that Hasn't Made the News

On June 2, 2014, Paul and Audrey Johnson, represented by attorney Nancy Swift, filed suit against the usual suspects - Michael and Justin Burns, Camelback Consign & Design - as well as Terilyn Burns. Terilyn, according to Mike and Chad Burns, is Mike's ex-wife

Mike previously mentioned to me that he and his ex were "good friends." Chad Burns, Mike's older son, kindly took time from his busy schedule to walk shoulder-to-shoulder with me as I picketed his dad's store last January. As we walked, between the dire threats and expletives he directed at me, he also said that his mother hadn't spoken to his father for 10 years.  The nature of the friendship may therefore, be debatable.

Then again, as noted elsewhere, his younger brother's driver's license appears to give his mother's (solely-owned) home address as his residence address. Given that Justin worked, to all appearances, nearly full-time for his father while we were acquainted, it's possible that just a little information may have flowed to Terilyn Burns after all.

Some weeks later, I mentioned to Mike at a meeting that Chad had worked very hard to intimidate me because I had sent Ms. Burns a holiday note with an appeal for moral support on behalf of his victims. He noted that "the boys are very protective of their mother." He also apologized for Chad's behavior and promised to speak to him about it. "That's not how they were raised," I recall him adding.

Frankly, Chad, it seems to me that your father may well be on the verge of dragging your mother into far, far more upsetting circumstances than my small note - shown below - could ever have precipitated. 

Poor Terilyn! 

Those who have followed this blog may recall that Jonathan M. Wainwright won a $156,000.00 judgment against Burns and Camelback Consign & Scam just last April. It seems that Wainwright won his case by default; Burns apparently made no attempt to defend himself. Wainwright is now attempting to collect from the "garnishee defendant," Johnson Bank.

Has Mike been squirreling away his pickings in Johnson Bank? I don't know, but...

It seems that someone named Terilyn Burns is a Commercial Loan Coordinator with Johnson Bank, as shown on LinkedIn. 

I'm guessing that Wainwright is trying to collect from Terilyn Burns what he doesn't think he can get from Mike. 
If she is, in fact, an ex-wife who had nothing to do with Mike's bad behavior or with Justin's, Mike Burns may have turned Terilyn into one of his most unfortunate victims.

If that is what actually happens, my heart literally breaks for her, as well. 

I can almost hear poor Terilyn thinking, "Oh, no. Here we go again!" Again, because an SRP lawsuit against the Burns family in 1996 also resulted in Johnson Bank being named as a Garnishee Defendant. 

More to the point, the judgment was satisfied, to the tune of $12,162.71. 

Oh, man. Poor Terilyn. What really, really lousy karma.

I'm left wondering. Is Mike's refusal to defend himself in court - against Wainwright and the others who have sued him - rooted in his fear of incriminating friends and family?

By the Way....

In doing research last night, I also determined that at least one item I turned over to Camelback Consign & Design (reported sold on August 9, 2013 and for which I have not been paid) was auctioned by J. Levine Auction and Appraisal on August 22, 2013. 

If you are one of the Consignment Vampire's many victims, you may want to investigate that website as well by checking out the Past Auctions link: 


It appears I posted my first blog page, BURNS BURNS CONSIGNORS & GETS AWAY WITH IT! on November 23, 2013. Seven months ago.  

In that period, I've gone from being a lonely, sad and incredibly frustrated voice in a far too wild West replete with swashbuckling business predators to one more victim among many hoping for relief from our law enforcement community and legislature.  (I live in District 24 and I vote!)

Such is progress. Hang in there. You don't get change without breaking a bill or two. Anyway, that's what I tell myself.

Mike Burns wasn't born yesterday. He wasn't born on the Fourth of July, either. NOPE. Mike Burns was born on 9/11 in 1952. He was destined. 

I don't know if the truth will set you free. But fuss loud enough with a big 'nough bunch a friends and I swear folks 'll do near anything to get you to shut up. Fast as they can. 

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