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VERA MANUZ Denies Aiding & Abetting Mike Burns

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From: Anglen, Robert  
Date: Sun, Sep 28, 2014 at 9:40 AM
Subject: Story on camelback consign
To: Glenn Michaels  

Story is in today's paper. Your blog is mentioned prominently in the story. Thanks for all of your help. Here is a link:

What did MANUZ know? 
And when did MANUZ know it?

In a a recent court hearing, Vera Manuz, former associate of Michael S. Burns, principal of Camelback Consign & Design, asked the court to dismiss a lawsuit filed by Glenn S. Michaels. Michaels claims that Manuz bore responsibility for participating in consumer fraud (Count V, see below) and for aiding and abetting the illegal actions of Burns (aka the Consignment Vampire) and Camelback Consign & Design (Count VI, see below). 

Her presentation was heartfelt and heartbreaking. 

She indicated, among other things, that she earned only $12/hour. Received no benefits. Was not aware of Michael Burns' promises and misrepresentations to Glenn S. Michaels and was not responsible for Burns' failure to deliver on such promises. She had, she said, to access to the documents/documentation that might have given her any such insight.

In sum, Manuz claimed to be nothing more than an employee with no significant responsibilities in the running and management of Camelback Consign & Design. And, Michaels adds, no knowledge of the pattern of consumer fraud being perpetrated there.

Manuz' request was denied by the court. 

Michaels' complaint alleges the following:

In Manuz' June 4th Motion to Dismiss, the following appears.

Michaels isn't a lawyer. But his research and personal experience suggest that Manuz was not  completely honest as regards her position and level of responsibility at Camelback Consign & Design. As evidence, Michaels offers the following.

 The BBB knew more than a little about the problems at CCD as evidenced by the list of complaints  on its website. Manuz, however, seems to be claiming ignorance of any such issues. 



In response to Michaels' picketing effort, Camelback Consign & Design created the following signboard and had an employee set it out each time Michaels appeared with his signboard. When not in use, the sign sat inside the front door of the store.

Manuz pleads ignorance of the situation. In effect, she claims to be devoid of curiosity and blind, too.  Uhhh, uhh.  


On March 28, 2014, Michaels added the following post to his blog: 


In that post, Michaels included the following statement:
"How can someone with over 500 connections on FACEBOOK work for a person who cheats people of their belongings and their money, all the time? I say that because I've been owed $21,000 since October 2013 by this firm. And Vera knows it."
Blogger's Note: As of this morning (9/19/14) Vera's Facebook page shows that she has 230 friends. Either my research was terribly flawed when I wrote the preceding paragraph or.... Vera's friends aren't as friendly as they used to be.  
Manuz, Michaels believes, would have quickly learned of the blog post. She's quite active on Facebook. How on earth can she honestly claim to be have been unaware of the pattern of behavior evidenced by her employer?

This is, after all, the person who often, if not usually opened the store. 

This is the person who answered the phone. 

This is person who responded to angry consignors who came in and demanded to know where their money was... once the checks started bouncing.

This is the person who watched Michaels waste a full day in the store while waiting for her employer to return and pay him. 

This is the person Michaels claims aided and abetted the Consignment Vampire.


Another victim comments on Manuz' innocence. 

Ladies and Gentlemen, members of the public. Ultimately, your opinion matters more than you might imagine. The state of Arizona acts on your behalf. Your legislators vote on your behalf. Your city servants - mayors, city council  members and staff - were elected, appointed or hired to make your community a better place. 

Without you, who are they?

So if you decide that employees who knowingly aid and abet an employer involved in illegal activities - over a substantial period of time - bear some responsibility for the resulting harm, say so. Tell your neighbor. Tell your city servants. Tell your legislator. Or email. Call. Or write.

Vote with your mouth. It might be the best and most effective investment in your own personal security that you can make. Not to mention the cheapest. 

On the other hand, there is a short list of decent folks who know Vera Manuz and have attested to her skills at space planning, furniture and interior design on LinkedIn. Clearly they know things about her that I don't. Question is, why - with all those skills - was Vera so committed to Camelback Consign & Design that she was willing be ignore the obvious: her boss was breaking hearts.... and the law?  

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