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---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Anglen, Robert  
Date: Sun, Sep 28, 2014 at 9:40 AM
Subject: Story on camelback consign
To: Glenn Michaels  

Story is in today's paper. Your blog is mentioned prominently in the story. Thanks for all of your help. Here is a link:

Consignment Vampire Signs Settlement Agreement and Welshes! 

 On November 12, 2014, Mike Burns agreed to find and return SIX of well over 100 items either sold and unpaid for or otherwise unaccounted for and never returned. 

Deadline: December 12, 2014.

Upon receipt of the six items, I agreed to take down this blog and write nothing more about the Consignment Vampire. I agreed to drop my suit against Vera Manuz, his former employee. Agreed not to provide information about this settlement to anyone, except legal authorities, upon demand.

It only took about four or five hours for our respective attorneys to negotiate the deal... with both sides sequestered in separate rooms. Right up to the deadline, despite all past experience, I really thought Burns might deliver. Even my attorney thought so.

Implicit in the agreement is Mike Burns's acknowledgement that he knows where the missing items went and where they are now.   

The deadline passed quietly. 

Did Mike Burns enjoy playing me for a sucker? Will it sustain him going forward?

After all, the Attorney General has sued him (CV2014-011143) as have many others. He loses every time. Even his ex-wife, Terilyn Burns, has been named in a law suit. His company went under. His "good" name isn't any good. His kids & grandkids won't soon forget that legacy.

Still, the Consignment Vampire has earned my nomination to the Arizona Scammers' Hall of Fame. He's won a permanent place in Internet infamy, too, insofar as anything is permanent.

Merry Xmas, Mr. Consignment Vampire. Happy New Year!

You Grinch, you! Yes sir, you made a fool of me! Successfully stole a whole lot of money. Scampered with my precious time and peace of mind. Taught me a terrific lesson in distrust, disgust and even force fed me a bit of cynicism. 

But, I'm happy to say that's all in the past. You did your best to do the worst you could. And here we are. I'm smiling...ruefully. But smiling nonetheless. And you? What about you?

Good luck in your future endeavors. Especially should you decide to reform and make amends. I believe in your "better angels," even if you don't. 

Learning from our mistakes is one of the greatest benefits of sentience. The sooner, the better, in my opinion.

(Check marks identify the items Burns agreed to find and return.)

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