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---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Anglen, Robert  
Date: Sun, Sep 28, 2014 at 9:40 AM
Subject: Story on camelback consign
To: Glenn Michaels  

Story is in today's paper. Your blog is mentioned prominently in the story. Thanks for all of your help. Here is a link:

 Free from the BBB!
The following FREE information - provided by your local BBB  - is past its expiration date. Please ingest with care. 'Cause I don't think the BBB does.  
         The BBB can't keep up. Or doesn't care enough to try. Solution?  LET'S WHIP US UP SOME  "GIVE A DAMN!"

The Arizona Republic reported the lawsuit on 8/27/2014.  I notified the BBB on 9/5/2014. No change on the BBB website yet (9/26/14). But then, as noted previously, the BBB seems to run more than a little behind. 
Which is asinine. Shouldn't it BBB all over the F-rated  businesses it reports on?
I nonetheless strongly urge and encourage you... Never mind that. I beg you!to report any scam you encounter to the BBB and all other appropriate agencies, public or private. You never know, yours might be the voice that unleashes the forces of heaven and earth. If you don't think it probable, I agree. If you don't think it possible, you just haven't lived long enough or paid enough attention. 

Put differently, pretty much every really, really good thing you can think of is the result of the incredible determination of someone or some many who faced down ridiculous odds, powered mostly by faith, with far less time and or money than the job required. 

 Did you say "JUSTICE?" Or did I?  Watch it, now. That's a dirty word in Phoenix. Where's the Ivory soap? Time to wash the vitriol offa my tongue. 

(Big segue, here. My English teachers would not approve. But hell, this is Arizona. We do things our way.)

So, there's a reason that TV channels keep churning out the legal dramas, the police & detective-themed entertainment. The superhero stuff, too. Vicarious wish-fulfillment. We've become adrenalin junkies. We need our HERO fix. Bad.

'Specially since we hear through the media - though I cannot personally confirm - that the Phoenix Police Department simply can't afford the well-trained policemen and women it needs to keep a lid on crime. Tell you what, the few police folk I've known work long, long hard hours.

Hey Marvel comics, how 'bout kicken' those heroes offa the screen and putten' 'em to work on our streets and courts? Where they belong, huh?

I'm thinking that a lot of us want more pro-active law enforcement... when it's needed.  Better legal protections and tools against business scams and criminal. More justice.  More compassion for the victims. We want a businessman who steals - again and again - from his clients prosecuted for thievery... not "breach of contract." 
I don't know if guns and concealed weapon permits are part of the problem or the solution for our culture. But I'm thinken' that all them arguments 'bout weapons are distracting us from the equally hurtful - yet mostly overlooked  issue of business crime.
Bettya a buck - right now - that business criminals pocket more money year in and year out, in Phoenix, than bank robbers! Maybe even more than gangs and bank robbers combined.
But hey, that's not fair. Cause business scammers, business cheats aren't really criminals at all. No way. They're just - sing it now - walking wallets "in breach of contract." 
It shouldn't take 20, 30 or 40 plus business victims' complaints to get the proper authorities to act. Or a letter full of tears to a high personage with the power to push buttons.

Lord, I sure hate to admit it, but I was secretly hoping that the business skunk who did me over bad (aka the Consignment Vampire) would keep scamming folks - even as I tried to prevent it - so that eventually, the cumulative anger and frustration would force media and law enforcement to pay attention. 

Cause guess what? If the Consignment Vampire had been smart enough to cherry pick victims instead of ripping off every person who walked in the door, he'd still be in business. And those lonely victims would never have gotten any media attention. Or come to the attention of the AG's office. 

Thing is, appears our justice system is running short on heroes, right now. Meaning, if anything positive is gonna be done, DETERMINED, scrawny old folks like me and folks like you gotta make a little dust fly. (LET'S WHIP US UP SOME "GIVE A DAMN!")

Yup. I have doubts, too. In fact, pretty much everyone who loves me says that I'm wasting my precious time - not to mention throwing good money after bad - in the pursuit of "justice."

Just yesterday, a small businessman on 7th Avenue told me that he had been physically attached by an irate, much bigger ex-employee. A guy who quit his new job in less than two weeks.
The attacker cracked the 60 year-old man's ribs, before a little martial arts training knocked him cold. The businessman called the police. But the police sergeant who took the report wouldn't arrest the attacker - who was still on the scene.  
Why? Supposedly, the officer told the businessman, "'There is no justice.'"
And voila', there wasn't.

Imagine the plight of a policeman who doesn't believe in the possibility of justice! Doubt like that eats us alive. And I'm not near as tough as that policeman or any other. So, yeah, I sure could use a little help here. I'm not picky. Anything little thing you can do is whole lot more than nothing. 

Thank you. In advance. Call it a down payment on a better world... for a neighbor or your nephew. Maybe a kid of your own. Or your mom and dad.

Here's my little recipe. Whip enough grains of sand together and you get a sandstorm. A force of nature.  Abrasive. Dangerous. You get a chance to make the status quo duck and run or maybe even bury it. A chance to make a difference. To play on the side of the angels. 

One damned grain of sand at a time. 



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